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How To Get Hair Highlights For Men :


Sometimes you can improve on what nature gave you. Guys straighten curly hair, perm straight hair, and color hair too. Hair highlights for men change the color.

Highlights are designed to imitate the lighter shades that naturally occur from exposure to the sun. It’s not just about making hair lighter. The different tones add a sense of depth and the illusion of volume to hair.

It’s not just the summer sun that makes skin look fresh. Lighter shades of hair brighten up the complexion too. And that’s not all. The appearance of fuller hair is another way to minimize the appearance of thinning hair.

Highlights can be sun-kissed or bright streaks. The highlight color makes a difference too. Check out these subtle and bold highlights for men.

1. Hair Highlights For Black Hair

There are a few types of highlighting methods. We’re talking about the salon here. Of course, you can do highlights at home but as always, at your own risk. They won’t look as natural but that might not be your goal anyway. Always remember to use toner with bleach to avoid a yellow/orange tinge.

There are a few types of highlighting methods. We’re talking about the salon here. Of course, you can do highlights at home but as always, at your own risk. They won’t look as natural but that might not be your goal anyway. Always remember to use toner with bleach to avoid a yellow/orange tinge.

2. What Color Highlights?

Well, that depends on what you’re starting with and the end goal. For a natural look, stay within three tones of the original color.

Going beyond the natural look is where the fun starts. Platinum blonde, silver, or even blue highlights work over dark hair and lighter shades too. Ask your colorist to help find a shade that works for your hair and skin tones.

3. Blonde Highlights For Black Hair

The combination of blonde highlights over black hair and a skin fade just work together.

4. Brown Highlights for Dark Hair

Multiple shades of lighter brown bring a sun-kissed look to dark hair.

5. Highlights For Dark Hair

Small highlights can make a big change. With a generous dose of blonde highlights, dark hair appears much lighter.

6. Babylights For Men

Babylights are delicate, white-blonde highlights created with a fine coloring technique. This most closely mimics the highlights from the sun.

The dark hair underneath builds up the sense of depth.

7. White Highlights For Black Hair

The contrast between black and white is always striking so why not bring it to hair.

8. Silver Highlights + Black Hair

Silver highlights over black hair add a metallic touch. Keep up the color with a shampoo for grey hair.

9. Platinum Blonde Highlights For Dark Hair

Highlights can be a couple of streaks up to most of the top layer of hair, like above. From the front, hair appears blonde but the natural color below keeps the look from being too light.

10. Copper Highlights For Brown Hair

These copper highlights make it look like the sun is hitting brown hair wherever you are. Even better, this look is so subtle that there won’t be a noticeable line when color grows out.

11. Hair Highlights For Short Hair

Do highlights work for lighter and short hair? Absolutely. Lighter hair just needs even lighter highlights. Sometimes darker lowlights are added for greater depth and contrast.

These concentrated blonde highlights aren’t designed to look natural but stand out against darker hair.

12. Men’s Highlights For Long Hair

Highlights for darker and longer hair? Yes, please. The combination of layers and lighter tones adds movement and life to these shoulder-length locks.

13. Balayage Hair For Men

Balayage, or in this case “guyalage”, paints highlights onto hair with a brush for a handcrafted, natural finish.

14. Curly Hair Highlights For Men

The texture of curly hair brings out highlights, or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it looks great.

15. Highlights for Curly Hair

A bigger contrast between highlights and dark hair creates a greater sense of depth.

16. Blonde Highlights For Black Curly Hair

Hair highlights for men tend to be concentrated at the forehead and recede towards the back of the head. This cool looks starts out white-blonde and gradually transitions into dark hair.

17. Chunky Highlights

Chunking, or piecing, is not a subtle highlight style. Like the name says, hair is colored in chunks. This cool look combines subtle light brown highlights with a bold chunk of bright orange.

18. Green Hair Color

Highlights can be put over natural hair color, dyed, or both, like these bright green streaks with platinum hair over dark hair.

19. Colorful Streaks

Hair streaks are another not-so-subtle highlight. The size of streaks are somewhere in between chunks and regular highlights.

Hair cuts aren’t the only way to have fun with hair. Hair color opens up a huge world of options, from natural hues to all colors of the rainbow, sometimes all at once.

20. Blue Streaks

Sometimes people can improve on nature, like these surprising subtle blue streaks. Instead of focusing on color on top of the head, these stripes of color are in lower layers.

21. Green Highlights

If blue isn’t your color, here’s green. It really stands out against black hair but works with other hair colors too.

22. Blonde Hair Chunk

The skunk stripe, a white streak in dark hair, is a dramatic contrast. Sometimes the streak appears naturally but sometimes you have to make it happen.

A light streak next to silver softens the effect and ties in the color of the beard. Facial hair is a different color than the hair on the head, usually lighter, redder, and greyer. It may look out of place with newly dyed hair so keep the colors similar or go bare-faced.

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