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3 Reasons To Change Careers And Become A Tattoo Artist In Philadelphia



Location: Philadelphia, PA

It’s really no surprise that an artistic person like yourself feels a pull toward the greater Philadelphia metro area. It’s saturated with artistic culture, isn’t it! Aren’t you just obsessed with Avenue of the Arts, Love Park, the infamous Rocky Statue, and the historic Liberty Bell? Yeah, we are too! So much so that here at Body Art & Soul Tattoos, we knew we had to have a location in Philadelphia to give artists like yourself a chance to start making a living from their art.

Why aren’t you a Professional Tattoo Artist yet!?

For so long you’ve been stuck in this 9-5 desk job that’s barely paying your bills or just plain bores you. WHY? We both know you deserve better! You want to create art and you want to inspire others.

Like all tattoo artists, you’re drawn to the idea of being the person who helps give people the look and confidence they want or help them permanently commemorate something important, possibly something life-changing. As a tattoo artist, you’ll have a major impact on your client’s lives. Doesn’t that sound so much more fulfilling than spreadsheets? 

If this sounds like you, you’ve probably wondered what steps you have to take or what hoops you have to jump through to become a professional tattoo artist.

Body Art & Soul Tattoos! 


Luckily, you found Body Art & Soul Tattoos. We are committed to turning inspiring artists into successful professional tattoo artists. And with us, there’s no hoop-jumping. We aren’t an old-school tattoo apprenticeship that is going to make you sweep floors and scrub toilets. And we aren’t these “learn to tattoo in 2 weeks” phony places you’ve come across on the internet. 

Our tattoo apprenticeship is designed to teach you all the intricacies of being a tattoo artist. We will guide you on your tattoo journey from start to finish. And at the completion of your tattoo apprenticeship, we hope you’ll join our team (keep reading for more info!). 


3 Reasons You Should Start Your Tattoo Apprenticeship in Philadelphia At Body Art & Soul Tattoo

You can finally start to celebrate because you can learn to tattoo near you! Body Art & Soul Tattoos, currently offers tattoo apprenticeships in 5 states (and we’re expanding into new locations). And if we haven’t inkspired you yet to change careers and start your tattoo apprenticeship today, here are 3 more reasons…

1. Financial Stability 

Being a professional tattoo artist is one of the more reliable and profitable ways to earn a living as an artist. Let’s break that statement down. 

  • Artist, something you’ve dreamed about becoming since you were a kid. 
  • Reliable, something we are all yearning for, especially after so many of us suffered with career struggles through covid. 
  • Profitable, we all need a job that’s profitable; but how many of us can say we’re working artists with an extremely profitable income? 

As a tattoo artist, you can go anywhere in the world and earn a profitable income. 

2. Career Freedom

As a professional tattoo artist, you are your own boss. You set your schedule around your life and what works best for you. As a tattoo artist with Body Art & Soul Tattoos, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from any of our tattoo studios (currently 5 studios & growing!). You will need a tattoo license for the states you choose to work in, of course, yet again, our staff and trainers will guide you through every step of your tattoo journey during your apprenticeship. 

3. GUARANTEED Job Offer  

There’s no need to adjust your screen, you read that correctly; a GUARANTEED Job Offer as a professional tattoo artist with Body Art & Soul Tattoos, upon completion of your tattoo apprenticeship. 

We believe in our tattoo apprenticeship so much so, that upon completion of your tattoo apprenticeship we invite you to work at any (or all) of our tattoo studios. So if you’re someone who is considering changing careers, what’s left to consider? A Guaranteed Job Offer is solid enough for you to make the change you know you’ve been looking for! 

Live The Life You Are Destined To Live 

Let’s face it, you were given a very special gift in life, your artistic talent. We beg you not to waste it. We urge you to seize the opportunity that’s right in front of you. At Body Art & Soul Tattoos, we don’t believe people were born to make a living – We believe people were born to make what their lives! In your case, your life is art, and your life is your art. 

Stop hating your current job and start living the life of the phenomenal tattoo artist you were destined to be! 

Interview today to see if you qualify. Head to https://tattooschool.com/contact-us/ to start an online chat with an advisor or call/text at 310-413-0709.

XP4J+V8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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