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Bikes and Bombshells – Tattoo Ideas, Artists and Models


We’re talking all things tattoos and motorcycles with Heather and Gabbie of Bombshell Body Art, located in Janesville, Wisconsin. The two artists told us about how they came up as artists, the essential items they bring with them on every ride and much more.

Can you introduce yourselves?

Heather: I am Heather Hess. I am co-owner of Bombshell Body Art. I’ve been tattooing for 20 years.

Gabbie: My name is Gabrielle, I am the co-owner of Bombshell Body Art and I have been tattooing for five years.

How did you get into the world of body art?

Heather: Art school was too expensive, so I had a friend teach me how to tattoo and I’m very happy that I learned.

Gabbie: I got into tattooing just from doing artwork as a kid and drawing all over myself with Sharpie all the time. And then I went to college for a few years, dropped out to do this instead and just fell in love with it.

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