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WHY Does EVERY Supposed Car ‘EXPERT’ Think That Just Because Tesla Competitors Have New Products Coming People Will LIKE THEM And BUY THEM Over Elon’s Stuff?


It never ceases to amaze me when I read these supposed car ‘experts’ predict in a matter of 24 months or LESS, it’s pretty much game over for Tesla having a good market share.

One guy who stole our ‘Car Wars’ name/theme for his reports at Bank of America just posted this…

Aren’t these the SAME people who said the Chevrolet Volt/Bolt, Audi E-Tron, VW ID.4, Jaguar E-PaceĀ  were ALL TESLA KILLERS?


Weren’t ALL the reviewers GUSHING over them? and didn’t they make similar predictions?

So what makes them all think THIS round will be different?

Just because you make a product for a segment doesn’t mean it will be a GOOD product!

Anyone got a Motorola cell phone these days?

Go back and read some of the reviews of those…man, were they licking their boots to get ad dollars.

We think no matter WHAT the GM’s, Ford’s, Audi’s say, they got a next to impossible road to hoe.

For TWO reasons.

These EV’s are just TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE! Ford Lightning 90k BEFORE dealer markup? Sure, it’s a nice product but HOW MANY can afford and SUSTAIN the turn Ford needs?

And with the recession just starting is it going to get any easier for people to shell out 60+k for a Golf XXL (Sorry, Hyundai IONIQ 5)?

Sure interest in EV’s has risen during $7 buck gas but have not sold as well as they thought to say bring the percentage of ev to ice at 20%. Market share is STILL low and a blip on the radar. Especially if you take out the sales numbers in California.

We predict an implosion in the EV space is coming and it AIN’T gonna be pretty. And only Tesla will stand strong in the storm. They will own the biggest piece of the pie for a long time to come. Not because the products are so much better but because breaking into their market is tough. NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE unless they make some HUGE mistakes.

But remember people arent buying their products when they sign the check, they’re buying Elon and his vision for the future, just like the Apple fanboys.

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