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Trina Is Da baddest “I Am HipHop” 2022 BET Hip Hop Award


My style has always been a reflection of who I am
and where I come from. In all honesty the best hair
styles and fashion don’t just come from the runway,
it comes from basement salons and kitchen salons.
From my hair to my nails to my clothing it has all
been inspired by my surroundings. One thing that I
have always loved was color and being bright. My
style can be super over the top or it can be super
plain jane as long as I can rock out in it, I’m down.
Sometimes I like to go out of my element and rock
something totally out of the box and unexpected. I
have always been one to embrace my body and my
shape, even in my music you can tell how much I
love it all. Even though the times change, fashion,
makeup and hair looks can come in and out of
season, I choose to be timeless and always the
Diamond Princess”- Trina

Our 2021 August Cover Girl “Trina Da Baddest “
Is being Honored with the “I Am Hip Hop” 
At the 2022 BET Hip Hop Award 🏆

She entered the game 21 years ago demanding respect through her presence and music. Trina was a force to be reckoned with. We knew she wasn’t here to play games.

She’s been winning since “Da Baddest B****” was released in the year 2000. But we love to see her acknowledged and rewarded for her work! Yes, Trina !👏🏾
Diamond Princess 💎

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