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Meet Kamia Adams,

Mother of 2, wife, boss, and CEO of Untangled Hair Care. Untangled was born out of a desire to get her hair back to a healthy state. She had been wearing weaves off and on for years, and around 2015, she had decided no more. Underneath the weave, her hair was damaged and broken off. As a result, she promised herself she would never wear a weave again. She started researching ways to get her hair back healthy quickly. She incorporated taking vitamins and switching up her hair care routine. She found stylists who didn’t use a lot of heat on her hair and started getting oxygen treatments and giving herself daily scalp massages to stimulate growth. She also formulated a hair growth oil that helped her grandmother’s hair grow back after her grandmother experienced hair loss from a medication she was taking. That’s when she realized she might be on to something special. She was then motivated by this positive experience to create a product line to share with the world.

The initial line consists of ten products designed to address different hair types and textures. These products include shampoo “Nothing But Shine,” conditioner “Tangle Me Out,” a deep conditioning hair mask, a leave-in conditioner “Knot At All,” a scalp scrub called “Detoxify Scalp Scrub,” edge controls called “Simply Laid,” a hair growth oil called “Overnight,” hair growth vitamins called “iGrow,” and a styling gel called “Hold, Shine, & Define.” All Untangled Hair Care products are natural and free of sulfates, silicons, and parabens. Our hope is that once you try our products, you’ll also fall in love with the ease of styling and maintaining the health of your tresses. 

Kamia was born and raised in Compton, California. She is also the founder of iWork Employment Services, which offers job training and coaching to adults with intellectual disabilities. This woman is perseverance personified. Though she makes it look easy, it was no small feat to get to where she is today. She lost her father when she was a teenager and is a domestic violence survivor. She’s had multiple businesses that didn’t stand the test of time but still managed to dig deep and try again, which is how she’s come to find success today. Faith and diligence are her mainstays. Follow Untangled Hair Care on Instagram @Untangledhaircare for information on her upcoming launch and to learn more about untangled products.

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