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New CDL class A with lots of questions | TruckersReport.com Trucking Forum


If you AND the spouse team drive for the right carrier….sock your money away….and invest it wisely….you both could retire in as little as 10-12 years.

These days…..that MBA program will bleed you dry–along with the other typical family-related expenses.

Driving a big rig yields a similar paycheck–with a small fraction of the upfront educational investment of that MBA program.

That’s why I left an office job–and started driving the big rigs.

The best-paying trucking gigs are typically in the LTL sector, doing linehaul–examples: Old Dominion, Estes, FedEx, SAIA, etc.

You can also do quite well in the tanker world: chemicals, fuel, cryogenics.

To qualify for those jobs–you need to go back and get those endorsements (if you don’t have them already): tanker, hazmat, and doubles/triples.

If you decide to go tanker: getting a TWIC card is a good idea, as well.

A valid, current US passport will help you pull some loads into/out of Canada.

The more “bells and whistles” you have like these–the more attractive you become to prospective employers.

Tell us what city/state is closest to you–and we’ll make some employer suggestions.

Also: what CDL school did you use? How many hours is in their pgm? 160? 180? or more? If you don’t know–find out.

Then let us know.




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