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New Company Uses AI to Train Autonomous Trucks [Video] – Equipment


January 25, 2023


It’s recently appeared that self-driving trucks are not going to be hauling freight down the road without a driver as quickly as some developers and investors had expected. But startup tech company Waabi says its AI-focused approach will allow it to commercialize the technology faster.


HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge talks to Waabi’s Dustin Koehl, a former fleet manager and HDT Emerging Leader, about how the company’s approach differs and why they call themselves the next generation of autonomous trucks.


Note: In the interview, Koehl hints of a big OEM announcement. Since our interview, Volvo Group Venture Capital announced an investment in Waabi Innovation Inc.


In This Episode:

  • Has autonomous-truck development hit a wall?
  • Using AI to train Waabi Driver
  • Where is Waabi in the development process?
  • Working with truck makers
  • Will autonomous trucks put drivers out of work?
  • Path to commercialization
  • What needs to happen for self-driving trucks to become an everyday reality in logistics?

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