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Keystone makes European athlete placement acquisitions


The international education organisation has acquired two European-based companies that will add to its sports division that connects international student-athletes with US colleges.

Barcelona-based I-Con Sports has, since its establishment in 2004, secured over US$60 million in funding for some 1,200 student-athletes from 50 countries, while Future Elite Sports in the UK has helped to obtain athletic & academic scholarships for 1500+ students across the UK since 2013.

Keystone Sports also acquired German student-athlete placement agency uniexperts in 2022.

“Through Keystone Sports, we have helped over 10,000 students in Europe pursue their academic and athletic dreams in North America,” CEO of Keystone Education Group, Fredrik Högemark, said.

“With I-Con Sports and Future Elite Sports, we will help a wider network of students in Spain and the UK accomplish their higher education and competitive sporting goals,” he added, pointing to “the amazing sports culture, facilities, and funding available alongside excellent higher education” available in the US and Canada.

“By joining Keystone, I-Con Sports is taking one step further in strengthening its ties with college sports in the US and enhancing its services towards student-athletes,” I-Con Sports CEO and founder, Marc Becker said.

“Our student athletes will have direct access to coaches from every college in America”

“With Keystone, we will be able to offer a complete service covering all needs for a student-athlete aiming to play and study in the US, from high school to a graduate degree.”

In addition to its US placement services, Future Elite Sports offers students the ability to seek higher education while playing football and rugby in the UK.

“We will also be able to expand our placement offerings in the UK, creating opportunities to play sports while pursuing higher education at the same time,” Högemark noted.

“With many of the best student-athlete agencies from across the globe now joining forces as part of Keystone, our student athletes will have direct access to coaches from every college in America, to showcase events across Europe, and to collaborative college tours and experiences,” Future Elite Sports founder, Greg Josling said.

“Working closer with Keystone will also open the door for European students to study and compete in the UK as an alternative option and we are looking forward to enhancing this offering with the help of Keystone.”

Keystone Sports also previously acquired European student-placement agencies including CSUSA, Sport-Scholarships and AGM Sports.

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