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My Adventure: Sage Fort Pierce | TruckersReport.com Trucking Forum



To begin, I had went to roadmaster at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. I wanted something a little bit different. @Concorde recommended Sage in Fort Pierce. Because I have high functioning autism, I was told by vocational rehabilitation that I would qualify. They offered to send me to TDI in Sanford, but I requested sage if it was available.

Fortunately, it was and my counselor and I got the ball rolling. You see, I used to have my CDL. Therefore, I did not need to my permit again. I obtained a DOT physical and went through the process of getting my class a CDL license back.

The Cost(s)

The out-of-pocket cost was right around $94 for the reinstatement of the CDL. The DOT physical cost me $175 plus tax. The tanker endorsement cost me $41 because you need to be able to pay for a new copy of your CDL. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just above $310. I do not know what the cost is to get the permit.

Next I had to register with publishers clearinghouse, and after my schooling was authorized by vocational rehabilitation, I got in touch with the Program Director in Fort Pierce. After that, I went and took my urine analysis.

Tuition cost(s):

The out-of-pocket tuition for somebody who wants to attend and pay for it it’s close to $4900. It is much more cost efficient than roadmaster and TDI Sanford. here is the catch; you spend five days in a classroom and some of it on the range and if you live like an hour away like I do, I would highly suggest getting a hotel room like I did. The tuition cost does not include a hotel room for your duration of the school.

Hotel Information:

I stayed at the Holiday Inn between the turnpike and 95. Now I had built up a ton of points for the Holiday Inn rewards program and I decided to use a good portion of those to stay for free down there. I used around 120,000 points which is equivalent to right around $700 and hotel room cost(s). If you are a IHG member, you get free Wi-Fi and I believe you get free continental breakfast, which I highly recommend because it will save you from going to McDonald’s, Dunkin, or Publix like I did a couple times.

Nearby Convenience(s)

Within a 5 mile radius, I was able to shop at a Publix, go to Wawa to go get gas. There is a Chick-fil-A, cafeteria on campus at IRSC, a Circle K that has good hotdogs, or what I suggest you do if you end up staying in a hotel and want home cooked meals is bring an air fryer. Of course you have your loves truckstop and pilot nearby. There is a Walmart nearby as well.


like I mentioned before, the classroom training is done over at Indian River State College. You will need sunscreen and personally I would wear a nice polo shirt with shorts. Bring sunscreen and that’s needed for when you go out to the range and start practicing your pre-trip with the instructor.

The next portion is done online and can be done in about 5 to 6 hours if you pay attention to the material. After that, once you get done with the online portion, you will be contacted by the program Director regarding your drive times, and when those are.


Before going to school, you will already need to have an obtained your class a permit. also, start lining up pre-hires. Get a highlighter and a couple of pens and bring them to class with you. Also, I would arrive 15 minutes early prior to the start time.

I hope this helps anybody who is considering Sage.


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