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Truck booted in Memphis | TruckersReport.com Trucking Forum


“A1’s said it’s following state laws that supersede city law and has filed a lawsuit against the City of Memphis, the Memphis Police Chief, and multiple MPD officers, accusing them of “weaponizing a civil municipal ordinance to discriminate against the minority-owned company.””

“He said his company offered to pay A1’s $7,500 to drop the truck, but they were told it wasn’t even close to what it would cost to get the truck back.”

“They were honking their horns and using the boom of the tow truck to shake the truck, so we called out the police. The driver wanted to file a harassment charge against them, and the police said that wasn’t enough to file a harassment charge,” the MHT owner said. “Our legal team told us because we were recovering a stolen vehicle, they cannot hold it.””

“she was told it was too late and they were towing the truck. Her employer was forced to pay $12,950 to get the vehicle back.”

These 4 points tell me all i bloody need to know about this company and its owners. They are basically targeting trucks then using force fear and mah race cards to more or less extort drivers. And these people operate nation wide and have on staff legal teams to try and intimidate officers, owners and drivers. Not to mention doing dangerious #### that could lead to damage to rigs and their trying to pretend they are above the law. Hell i would not be shocked to find they are stripping parts off towed trucks or intentionally damageing them.

Sadly a LOT of these tow companys are like this. Nearly 15k to recover a truck? Are you ####ing insane? One of these dudes is eventually going to go to hook to and try to extort someone with literally nothing left to lose. Then they are going to catch a bullet to the head. And frankly that is one instance when this happens when i am going to point and laugh. This is bloody nuts and anyone with any sense can see exactly what they are doing.

Then again this once again shows just how bloody broken out legal system ism


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