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High freight costs for importers means higher price tags for consumers

A Freightos survey of 300+ companies sheds light on how importers have been navigating supply chain disruptions. What’s changed in a year? You might not think about shipping containers and ocean freight when you click “buy” on your Amazon order, but there’s a direct connection between the two. When ocean container rates spike, so do […]

Truck fleets play growing role in customer ESG commitments

Matt McLelland, Covenant Logistics’ vice-president – sustainability and innovation, points at recent requests for proposals when describing the increasing role of sustainability in fleet business practices. “The environment is the thing most people are talking about,” he said during an ACT Expo workshop. “There were more sustainability questions than there were about, ‘Can you deliver […]

Easy Scarf Hairstyle Tutorial for Wavy / Curly Hair

I love a quick hairstyle, and this easy scarf hairstyle tutorial is so easy for wavy / curly hair. It started as an experiment and has become my new fave hairstyle tutorial. Sometimes when you don’t have the “right” hair accessories, you can end up creating an even better style. Inspired by my curly roll […]

The beautiful portrait of Emilie

She is a trained makeup artist, a tattoo enthusiast always looking for new inspirations and she loves to spend time in the Swedish forests. Meet Emilie and this is her beautiful portrait! Emilie, tattoo model, @emelieaxelson Hello Emelie, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?Hi my name is Emelie, a 29 year old […]

HE leaders drill in on student experience

The Universitas21 Annual General Meeting brought together “leading global universities” in a bid to “further improve the student experience and help researchers better engage with each other, whilst creating innovative educational opportunities”, according to Adam Tickell, vice chancellor and principal professor at the University of Birmingham, where the event was held. Danny Sriskandarajah, CEO of […]

Functional Programming in Kotlin by Tutorials

Before You Begin This section tells you a few things you need to know before you get started, such as what you’ll need for hardware and software, where to find the project files for this book, and more. Section I: Functional Programming Fundamentals This is the very start of your functional programming journey. Here, you’ll […]

Comment period for speed limiters opens today

A notice from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the agency’s intent to proceed with rulemaking to require speed limiters on most heavy-duty trucks was published in the Federal Register today, Wednesday, May 4. The advance notice of supplemental proposed rulemaking is open for public comment for 30 days. Comments can be made here through June 3. […]