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Massachusetts Becomes Latest State to Ban Hair-Based Discrimination

Massachusetts has become the latest state to enact bans against hair-based discrimination after Gov. Charlie Baker signed The CROWN Act into law last month.Dr. Amanda Wilkerson The bill – Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair, or CROWN Act – was introduced in March by Massachusetts state representative Steven Ultrino,, who said that […]

The M2 MacBook Pro blows our mind with this Safari speed test

We’ve gone over the benefits of the M2 over the M1 processor in our reviews of the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, but there’s one benchmark we didn’t perform that everyone can relate to and demonstrates the M2’s prowess. David Heinemeier Hanson (@dhh on Twitter) recently tweeted his results from Speedometer 2.0, a […]

Longtime driver and Army veteran wins CVSA’s excellence award

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance today announced that this year’s International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA) recipient is Ruth McDonough, a specialized commercial motor vehicle driver responsible for hauling radioactive and nuclear loads with Hittman Transport Services. During her 10-year tenure at Hittman, McDonough has traveled more than a million safe and incident-free miles. Furthermore, she […]

The Only Thing Constant in Telematics is Change – Products

Thermo King Europe Telematics in the transportation industry has been around for decades, and it has transformed the way fleets operate. The evolution in technology has made it easier for operators to prevent losses of all kinds – from theft to lost loads. In the refrigeration sector, telematics has become a […]

29 Stylish Lob Haircuts and Long Bob Hairstyles in 2022

Wanna change your image but can’t go out of your comfort zone? Lob haircut is exactly what you need! This one-size-fits-all style is a low-risk solution for straight and curly, blonde and brunette, textured and sleek hair. In this blog post you’ll find: A huge variety of long bob haircut styling ideas The best lob […]

Could steam-powered cars decrease the CO2 in the atmosphere?

Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to curiouskidsus@theconversation.com. Could steam-powered cars decrease the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere? – Emma, age 16, Springville, Utah With the growing severity and frequency of storms, heat waves and wildfires, and the […]

HIPAA FAQs Elaborate on EFT/ERA Transaction Standards

HHS: Guidance Letter 2022-04—Health plans’ payment of health care claims using Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) and adopted Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) standards for Health Care Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) transactions; 45 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) §§ 162.1601 and 162.1602(d) FAQs (July 14, 2022) Available […]

Higher Education: Exploring Classroom Safety in Health and Human Services

As a new era of teaching and learning emerges, a focus on psychological safety and inclusivity for health and human service students is paramount. An important component of student engagement and academic success is the cultivation of psychological safety and inclusivity in the classroom. To adequately prepare health and human service students for graduation in […]