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Sweetgreen’s loyalty program finally includes rewards for in-store orders

Sweetgreen is offering a three-week trial of the Sweetpass+ subscription program through Oct. 1. |Photo: Shutterstock. Sweetgreen loyalty members can finally earn rewards when ordering in restaurants. The Los Angeles-based chain’s two-tiered Sweetpass program went live in April, allowing guests to choose how they want to engage with the brand. The regular Sweetpass allows them […]

CA governor vetos bill requiring drivers in autonomous trucks

California Gov. Gavin Newsome late last week vetoed a piece of legislation that would have required a human driver in any otherwise autonomous truck weighing over 10,000 lbs. being driven on the state’s highways. Newsome’s veto of Assembly Bill 316 is being seen as a victory for the autonomous vehicle industry, much of which is […]

Haunted Highways & Trucker Legends

Haunted Highways and Trucker Legends: Eerie Encounters on America’s Roads Truckers travel much of the country, trekking from coast to coast, through winding roads, and all sorts of busy byways. With so many miles under their 18 wheels, they are bound to run into haunted highways. You know, the spooky stuff of trucker legends. Trucker […]

The Classic Ivy League Haircuts

It’s no secret that Ivy League haircut was inspired by the United States 8 schools group with the same name. Despite the Ivy League hairstyles have already become a good old tradition and classic image, some debate still arise on where the style was born – at Harvard or Princeton. By the way, that’s the […]

Electric Vehicles: EV Taxes by State: Details & Analysis

U.S. states fund most of their road and infrastructure budgets with revenues from gasoline taxes. The historical rationale behind this is intuitive. The more people use public roads, the more gasoline they consume, making the gas taxA gas tax is commonly used to describe the variety of taxes levied on gasoline at both the federal […]

WeatherKit Tutorial: Getting Started | Kodeco

Many iOS apps use weather data as a supplementary feature in news apps or as crucial information that the app’s functionality hinges on, such as in planning or travel. In 2020, Apple bought the Dark Sky weather app to enhance its macOS and iOS weather apps. Apple introduced WeatherKit at WWDC22, a framework for gathering […]

Untapping the Potential of Franchising (Podcast) | Modern Restaurant Management

In this episode of The Main Course, MRM Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia interviews Tarji Carter, Founder and President of The Franchise Player. Castiglia and Tarji discuss the following during their conversation: The increasing appeal of franchising as a career and investment opportunity Tarji’s unexpected journey from the hotel industry to becoming a pivotal figure in restaurant franchising The mission […]

Fleet Optimization with Kinedyne Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is crucial when it comes to fleet management. Whether you’re responsible for a small local delivery service or a large national transportation company, finding ways to streamline operations and improve performance is key. Kinedyne is a renowned name in the transportation industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. […]