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EV batteries become a game of “in region for region”

As the EV market gains momentum, access to and control over electric powertrains and batteries becomes a crucial concern for regions. By Roland Berger The green transformation of society is gaining speed and the mobility sector is leading the charge. Out of the six-fold increase in lithium-ion battery demand between 2022 and 2030 (see Figure […]

Canada extends post-graduate work permits by 18 months

Starting April 6, current post-graduate work permit holders will be able to opt into extending their visas. Additionally, foreign nationals whose PGWP expired in 2023 and those who already extended or were eligible to extend their visas under a similar policy announced in 2022 will be able to apply for an extension.   PGWP Extension ! […]

13 KPIs to Track With a Transportation Management System

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are assigned benchmarks for evaluating progress toward your company goals. For shippers, using your transportation management system (TMS) to establish and track KPIs is crucial to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your shipping operations and optimizing for the future. Deciding which KPIs to track can be difficult. That’s why GlobalTranz, […]

New Company Uses AI to Train Autonomous Trucks [Video] – Equipment

January 25, 2023   It’s recently appeared that self-driving trucks are not going to be hauling freight down the road without a driver as quickly as some developers and investors had expected. But startup tech company Waabi says its AI-focused approach will allow it to commercialize the technology faster.   HDT Editor in Chief Deborah […]

23 Best Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles for Men in 2023

Are undercuts going out of style? Definitely not if you’re talking about the disconnected undercut hairstyle. Indeed, a disjointed haircut is the most popular variation of the hair classic undercut for men. So, what makes the disconnected haircut different than all other types of undercut? Well, it’s disconnected! Remember the Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders haircut? […]

Scrumptious Snack Tattoos

Your favorite snacks are more than just a tasty treat—they’re an edible time machine back to simpler days Let’s flash back to a simpler time. You’re slumped through your fourth period class, pondering how on earth you’re going to make it through the rest of the day. Before you know it, the silvery bell rings, […]

Bicycle Safety Laws in California : Automotive Addicts

Automotive Riding a bike is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The number of bicyclists rose to almost 53 million people in 2020 alone. The West Coast is one of the most popular areas for biking. Particularly, the state of California is a cyclist’s dream, because of the mild climate, sunny weather, and beautiful […]

Biden Budget Taxes: Details & Analysis

President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget outlines several major tax increases that would bring U.S. tax rates far out of step with international norms. Some of the proposals may be familiar, recycled from prior budgets and failed legislative attempts, but some are new, like the proposed tax hikes for Medicare funding. In total, they would […]