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We provide business owners with access to funding without the banking restrictions

The business landscape is constantly changing, growth and expansion opportunities develop seemingly overnight. Business owners need a relationship with a lending platform that provides a spectrum of funding options. The one size fits all financing instrument can no longer keep pace with constantly changing technology and the ebb and flow of the today’s economy.

Each business owner is unique and at a different point on the growth scale, who wants to have to search out new lenders at each growth point? Whether you are looking for short term working capital for payroll needs  ( or any need) or if you are looking to purchase a commercial property to expand, we have you covered.

Less Documentation

It is a well known fact that Banks require what seems to be an endless amount of paperwork, 25 hours of gathering time on average. Banks actually claim that most business owners get denied for funding because of sparse documentation. We understand that businesses will have different filing methods and don’t always have 25 hours to commit to tracking down seldom used documents. We offer an alternative scoring system based on information readily available.

Better Customer Service

Banks incur a huge expense when processing a business loan. A business loan of

 cost the same as a $100,000 loan to process so banks have an obvious preference.

Regardless of your revenue we treat you like a fortune 500 company.

We have a transparent and easy to grasp system that places value on the time of the business funding applicant. Any time spent chasing paperwork, speaking to underwriters or filling out paperwork is time spent not running your business.

Each business owner has his or her own account executive dedicated to providing needed intel on the status of their application. Your account executive can answer questions before,during and after you have received your funding



Faster Funding Process

It can take a bank up to 5 weeks to make funds available.

We can have funds available in 48 hours including initial contact time. 


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