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Working Capital

Liquidity, current assets

Working CapitalAll business owners know how important Working Capital is to the success of their business. Not having access to cash to pay immediate expenses like payroll or accounts payables coming due can permanently cripple a business. That’s why here at Etrust Business Finance we take every measure to increase a businesses owners Working Capital funding amount. Not having to tie up long term assets to qualify for funding is an added bonus. We grow when you grow.

  • 72 Hours funding period
  • Reduced Documentation
  • 84% Approval Rating
  • All Industries

A Team
Of Professionals.

Using insight and analytics to provide our customers with healthy funding over the lifetime of their business.


Analyzing Your

Let us help you get the largest funding amount possible and the best possible terms.

Business Information

With just a funding application and 6 months bank statements we can determine how much funding you qualify for, without effecting your credit.


Key Analytics

Having a healthy daily banking average and a minimal amount of insufficient funds will increase you funding amount. 


Our Workflow & Process

Without impacting your credit and within 72 hours we can provide you with a satisfactory funding contract.

It’s important to remember that the average loan from a bank takes 24 hours to gather the necessary document, while our funding  takes less than 2 hours to gather the necessary documents.

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